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With the arrival of the New Year, as my thoughts turn to resolutions for improvement, I thought that maybe I should include a personal reading resolution this year. You might think that all librarians read a lot at home, but in my case at this season of my life, you would be wrong. With two busy, young boys at home, there is really not much opportunity to read for my own enjoyment except in the few minutes before falling asleep at night.

One of the unexpected gifts of the pandemic, for me, has been joining a virtual book club on Zoom with some dear friends from Oklahoma. That has been fun; but I’m always the slowest one to complete the book, sometimes not even getting started, especially if I cannot find an audiobook version to listen to while I wash dishes or fold laundry. My girlfriends are very understanding, and I enjoy listening to their discussion even when I don’t know what is going on. So, although I may want to step up my reading game and commit to a resolution about reading all of our book club books this coming year, I realistically don’t think that will happen.

My current plan is to instead extend a practice that I started several months ago of reading aloud chapter books of excellent children’s literature in installments with my boys every night. What I’ve learned is that by selecting really great books, I am also reading for my own enjoyment while reading to them. I’m choosing books like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and The Little Prince that I had not completely read as a child, and I’m also adding in some books that I loved as a child, such as Raggedy Ann and Andy books and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, along with some fun, newer books like the Warrior Cats series. At first, I thought my boys are too far apart in age (5 and 9 years old) to enjoy a book together, but they seem to love hearing the books read out loud, and this seems to transcend the age difference issue. Plus, you can’t beat the joy of seeing their reactions and the fun of snuggling together while reading.

I also have the privilege of helping my 5-year old do “virtual Kindergarten,” which means that I get to be the one to see that “aha” moment when he begins sounding out new words in beginning reader books! That is an amazing experience, every bit as exciting as watching them ride a bicycle for the first time. Plus, my 9-year old asks me to read some of the books he has to read for school at the same time he is reading them because he wants to talk about them with me. That is an invitation I can’t pass up!

So, I guess my reading resolution will be to really enjoy reading all of the children’s books I can together with my boys and not to stress about all the grownup books I’m neglecting. I would like to invite you to do the same if you have some young people in your life. The benefits for them and for yourself are incalculable and will forge lifelong memories.

If you need help with a resume, a job search, or other projects on the computer, please call the library at 765-478-3335 to schedule a time to work with Jodi Johnson, retired business teacher.

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