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Title:  Director

Supervisor: Cambridge City Public Library Board of Trustees

Job Functions:

  • Overall operation, management and maintenance of building, grounds, technology,

         services, staff and collections.

  • Oversee operation of the Overbeck Museum and History Museum.

  • Carrying out instructions and policies of the Board.

  • Coordinating work between the library, individuals and groups in the community.

  • Effective publicity and public relations.

  • Representing the library and the community at area, state and national functions.

  • Participating in the work of professional library associations.

  • Selecting and organizing special library projects including grant writing.

  • Recommending policy changes and updates to the Board as needed.

  • Corresponding and keeping files on behalf of the Board and the Library.

  • Staying apprised of new developments in all aspects of library science.

  • Evaluating these new developments and deciding if they can be used in our library,

         and if so, working to implement them into our programs.

  • Training employees in any library job.

  • Any other duties as assigned by the Board of Trustees.

Critical Job Skills:

  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Organizational and analytical skills.

  • Ability to successfully work with people of all ages, intellectual levels, and interests.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Knowledge of computer systems and cataloging procedures.

  • Knowledge of public library resources and services.

Director’s Duties:

  • Monthly bookkeeping procedures.

  • Prepare vouchers for payroll and monthly bills.

  • Prepare checks for the month.

  • Prepare monthly reports concerning finances and library activity to be made available at least 2 days prior to board meeting.

  • File quarterly and year-end reports.

  • Prepare a yearly budget to be reviewed by the board for consideration, adoption and approval.

  • Personnel management.

  • Recommend the employing and discharging of staff to the library board.

  • Direct staff according to board policy.

  • Evaluate employees on a yearly schedule.

  • Coordinate staff and director professional development.

  • Manage and direct volunteer staff of the Overbeck Museum and History Museum.

  • Review new library materials through book reviews and recommendations.

  • Select library materials and maintain current collections.

  • Keep policies and job descriptions current and upgrade when necessary.

  • Recommend for Board consideration and possible action: all major expenditures, policy changes, personnel needs, maintenance problems, operational questions, and public relations activities.

  • Coordinating and implementing programming for children, young adults and adults.

  • Prepare and administer staff schedules and duties for adequate coverage during library hours.

  • Keep staff aware of changes through regular staff meetings.

  • Attend monthly Board meetings.


  • The Indiana Library Certification Board mandates the Director of the Cambridge City Public Library have a certification of Librarian IV.  This requires an undergraduate degree and 15 hours of Library Science.  The candidate lacking these requirements may be hired as Acting Director with the intention of achieving the certification within 3 years of employment date.


  • Previous library management experience preferred.

Working Conditions:

  • Prolonged computer use for bookkeeping procedures and book ordering. Day hours are the norm, but occasionally evening or Saturday hours are required to cover vacations or illness.


Adopted by the Cambridge City Public Library Board - April 25, 2017

Current Openings

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Please send a cover letter and resume via email to


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Cambridge City Public Library

Attn: Trina Gulde,  Board President

600 W Main Street  

Cambridge City, IN 47327


Applications will be accepted until position is filled.


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