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The changing of seasons, especially the shift from autumn toward winter, always puts me in a mood for quiet reflection; and as I’m writing this column the day before Thanksgiving, I feel led to consider some of the blessings for our library. Even though, by any measure, this has been a difficult and challenging year for many, we still have much to be grateful for. First and foremost, our staff has been terrific throughout this unprecedented year with a pandemic and often-changing instructions. They have strived to find creative ways to serve our patrons; and they have remained positive, hard-working, and dedicated.

We were sad to see Joy Lowder retire this year, but we are grateful for her years of service, her strong connection with the community, and the strong, unflappable, “experienced teacher-vibe” that she brought to many programs and situations. Joy’s observations and insights helped us make improvements to our operations; and her singing voice was unrivalled! Best wishes to Joy for a fun and relaxing next chapter.

Our patrons have been so understanding of our changing hours and protocols to help deal with the pandemic. I truly appreciate everyone’s cooperation with the mask mandate and hand hygiene to help keep our vulnerable patrons and our staff safer. Our patrons have been super-supportive and appreciative of all of our efforts to provide service. Their enthusiasm for reading has encouraged us and kept us going.

We have a committed group of volunteers and Friends of the Library who have enhanced the library with gifts of time, service, financial support, and good cheer. We are fortunate to have specialized History Room volunteers who are dedicated and passionate about their research and archival work. The History Room is currently closed due to increased coronavirus stats in our area, but if you call us at 765-478-3335 with your questions, our volunteers are still willing to do research for you.

Our wonderful Board of Trustees for this library has been ever-committed to ensuring safety first and foremost of the public and our staff. They are careful stewards of our taxpayers’ funds, and they are supportive cheerleaders for library services.

I’m grateful for our business community and our Chamber of Commerce as well as our city officials for being the fabric that holds us all together. Both Wayne County and the State of Indiana officials have donated disposable masks and hand sanitizer to help slow the spread of the virus, and the folks at the Indiana State Library awarded us a grant that is helping defray the cost of the giant Plexiglas guards you see around our front desk as well as cleaning supplies and other PPE. Even in a year with many challenges and too much loss, I see that we have so many people to be grateful for. And it’s really all about the people!

Speaking of people I appreciate, I’m excited to say that Cambridge City resident, Jodi Johnson will share her snowmen collection with the library this winter. I asked Jodi about how she started this collection. She said, “I don’t think I intentionally started collecting snowmen, it just happened. I’ve always thought snowmen were cute and interesting.” Jodi explained that snowmen come in many forms—old fashioned and the popular concept of how a snowman looks. “I’m sure Frosty has a lot to do with what we think about snowmen,” she mused. Her collection includes handcrafted snowmen from a creative friend who has passed away. Jodi said, “I’ve probably been actually collecting snowmen for 10 or 15 years with no particular method in mind. I don’t think I have a ‘major’ collection that has any historic value. It’s just been fun to add to the group as different ones have come along. I love Christmas and the Christmas season and snowmen are just a small part of that celebration.”

Both of the in-person book clubs have cancelled their meetings due to increase in coronavirus cases in our area. We will revisit plans for the January meetings.

Children’s Librarian Kim Scott is reading stories for children on our Facebook page. Tune in on Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. to our Facebook page to see the new story.

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